Xmas Mracl

from by MJ and the Shocking



Pour me another glass of Christmas spirit
I'm near and dear to it
On a mistletoe trip
Chanukkah candles like to drip drip

Quick pour me another
Oh life, my family and oh brother
A trip around the sun
Isn't this a fun one?

I'm glad it'll soon be over
I can't get through it sober
I miss the hallow of October
And a whining roll over rover

I'm a dog in a waste of good air
The mange is making me lose hair
I've never caught a rabbit and I don't have a pointed ear
And there goes another year

Another trip around the sun
Another retail holiday fun
A consumer wasteland fueled by the belief
That things cost much but life is cheap


from #XLR8, released January 28, 2017




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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