The Curse of the Right Bower

from by MJ and the Shocking



I never thought it would come to this
World peace has been achieved
But there's wolves in the midst
If the media is to be believed
The people are still so pissed

Why are you trying to fuck up my shit
Why you trying to uncover me
I was a commie before it was hip
You're gonna have to serve somebody

Unity is the oneness of god
The kingdom of heaven within you
You can paint yourself orange and gold
But down here we have dreams too

I like the dream of MLK
But it's remained only a dream
And like a raisin in the sunlight of day
So silently squeaking out a scream

The langauage of the voice of the unheard
Is the chaos of recent memory
How long do we have to say these words
Before they mean something?

We are not children and we are not mice
We will not be driven and beaten as such
The time has come where it will stand no longer
Backed into a corner the cat must attack


from #XLR8, released January 28, 2017




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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