from by MJ and the Shocking



well it was only a matter of time
before i'd reach my pinnacle prime
maybe i hit it at 19
it's a real wet dream teen scream

a loss of life and taking early leave
seems like you'd have some friends to grieve
like huck finn and tom sawyer at their own wake
mean guys if you ask me, like the rake

the ones are there in quiet shadows
but yr eyes are closed in lily meadows
which puppet demon to follow
red or blue pill to swallow

the progressive dance in the aggressive stance
not leaving out room for romance
as our story unfolds
there are unknown unknowns not told

and what even is it we think we know
in winter now there's hardly any snow
and the bible and Koran fight a fictional war
on a television screen that isn't there


from #XLR8, released January 28, 2017




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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