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released January 28, 2017




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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Track Name: Eyez
well it was only a matter of time
before i'd reach my pinnacle prime
maybe i hit it at 19
it's a real wet dream teen scream

a loss of life and taking early leave
seems like you'd have some friends to grieve
like huck finn and tom sawyer at their own wake
mean guys if you ask me, like the rake

the ones are there in quiet shadows
but yr eyes are closed in lily meadows
which puppet demon to follow
red or blue pill to swallow

the progressive dance in the aggressive stance
not leaving out room for romance
as our story unfolds
there are unknown unknowns not told

and what even is it we think we know
in winter now there's hardly any snow
and the bible and Koran fight a fictional war
on a television screen that isn't there
Track Name: Xmas Mracl
Pour me another glass of Christmas spirit
I'm near and dear to it
On a mistletoe trip
Chanukkah candles like to drip drip

Quick pour me another
Oh life, my family and oh brother
A trip around the sun
Isn't this a fun one?

I'm glad it'll soon be over
I can't get through it sober
I miss the hallow of October
And a whining roll over rover

I'm a dog in a waste of good air
The mange is making me lose hair
I've never caught a rabbit and I don't have a pointed ear
And there goes another year

Another trip around the sun
Another retail holiday fun
A consumer wasteland fueled by the belief
That things cost much but life is cheap
Track Name: Nice
I was eating of the fruit
From the forbidden tree of life
Steal me a flute and a gun that shoots
Call up another substitute
The superstitious shrew
The droll and doting wife
I've always been alright by you
Give you shelter all my life

Weather, I swear we are, the storm
Laughing all the way
My ecstatic blanket keeping us warm
Frosty on this sleigh
A bicycle powered by love
A dolt, a bolt and a spring
Grant passage to the roller dove
Flying suspended by string

Eat up all the monarch's cake
Eat the rich that won't give alms
Till the earth, hoe and rake
Until we have sweaty palms
Track Name: Angels and Devils
oh oh oh i'm an angel
brought my harp and my halo
to do good under the rainbow
see it from another angle

oh oh oh i'm an angel
a weeping bard
a shallow hope
an internal psych ward

oh oh oh i'm an angel
a devil i'll never be
whenever injustice I see
I want to set the people free

oh oh oh I'm an angel
a silent majoritarian mind
of the militant devilish kind
a christian mystic to seek
same as jewish, muslim, hindu of sikh

oh oh oh i'm a devil
i'm an artful arsonist
all of my raisins are sun kissed
getting completely wasted blitzed

oh oh oh i'm a devil
damn all for my pleasureable fixation
above all the national nation
can't change my rank and station

oh oh oh i'm a devil
i'm not at all on the level
a trickster and a pig
how much of nog did you dig

oh oh oh i'm a devil
caught in the briar patch
in the boutiques i'll snatch
then i'll light the powder keg match
Track Name: The Curse of the Right Bower
I never thought it would come to this
World peace has been achieved
But there's wolves in the midst
If the media is to be believed
The people are still so pissed

Why are you trying to fuck up my shit
Why you trying to uncover me
I was a commie before it was hip
You're gonna have to serve somebody

Unity is the oneness of god
The kingdom of heaven within you
You can paint yourself orange and gold
But down here we have dreams too

I like the dream of MLK
But it's remained only a dream
And like a raisin in the sunlight of day
So silently squeaking out a scream

The langauage of the voice of the unheard
Is the chaos of recent memory
How long do we have to say these words
Before they mean something?

We are not children and we are not mice
We will not be driven and beaten as such
The time has come where it will stand no longer
Backed into a corner the cat must attack
Track Name: Trump Card Returns
Never knew I'd see this thing
Coronation of a brand new king
From his orange lips he did sing
"Il Duche's got on me nothing"

A bandit and a broken man
Taking the pulpit or the witness stand
The world he pledges to damn
The demos giving in to his demands

We all know that bully in school
He say we are, but he's really the fool
Or maybe just playing, telling tales out of school
Vision of a never ending rule

He's got plans for the planet
He hasn't scratched the surface yet
But it's only been a few days
It's takes time to clear the haze

Everyone is in a state of shock
But stay at home and weep we do not
We're in the streets trying not to sleep
It's always ok to punch Nazis

It's never ok to do nothing
The violence of silence is a real thing
Be on the right side of history
The right thing to do is no mystery
Track Name: Oh My Godness
I'd walk a thousand miles
Just to see your smile
Just to see your beautiful face
Just to see you grace this place

I would walk a thousand more
Until I am at death's door
And then you'll make me smile
After I've been with you for a while

Just a smile would brighten my day
When the rain comes they go away
But your frown is the beautiful kind
Even that I don't even mind