The Unexploded Anthem

by MJ and the Shocking

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released October 20, 2016




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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Track Name: New Nezz
i thought it was some kind of joke
but it was the cemetary smoke
the jester, laugh and take what they used to call toke
get lost looking for mon called poke
eat a candy bar in a divey bar
that's groovy and it exceeds par
for the course, and the last horse
the horse race, the man without a face
the ruling class, stick it in yr ass
i'm a mass, you're a mass, quiet we're observing mass
the masses and masses sitting on their asses
fastened to the disaster, hold fast while it collapses
their ears have heart the beating of the coming of the lord
they put down the plowshares and took up the sword
whatever they do, they're never bored
looking for some kind of reward
to the man named victor goes the spoils
and we'll never, no matter, never be royals
gold bars and diamons in your teeth
a bidet when you achieve relief
a laundry service that picks up your clothes
a hundred dollar bill with which to blow your nose
just like mean mr mustard did
when he wasn't oggling kids
when he wasn't such a dirty old man
he was shitting in the can
oh what an american disgrace
that we still have monarchs in this settled place
we descended not from those who stole the land
but those who worked it with their hands
whether they were slave or free
the constitution didn't apply to thee
they believed in liberty
they believed in equality
the others believed in property
Track Name: Gaza Blue
A festering despair grips tightly and pulls us down
Ever since the bulldozers and the key we keep in the yellow envelope
Dear fatah I have no home
In the olive orchard
We started to throw stones
They wouldn't leave us alone
Dear Fatah I have no home