Somnolent Annals

by MJ and the Shocking

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released November 24, 2015




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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Track Name: E.S.P. E.P.S. S.N.G.
I was riding a motorcycle through
The Gothic cathedral cemetary
When I crashed into the glory of the angel monument
And I left the bike and ran
The cop lights chasing my autonomous soul
For the tobacco that I stole
I was on the run up a Sisyphusian hill
Until there was a window in the ground
The window was a hole
Dropped down very far down
It was a meeting place
A spiral cathedral made of shell
An sacred anti-Christ place

I scratched my knees
I scratch my back
Claw scratched my soul
I saw uncle joe
on the railroad track
mighty sun shower face
melting ice cap snow
into a looking glass
with stockings full of coal
the gingerbread man
has the icing in his hand
another listless soul
sex drugs and rock and roll
i never did sin
never did have the demon within
never did have the firey coal
moss won't gather if it rolls
baking butcher bread
jack be swift nimble
the queen's off with their head
dancing on a thimble

G Dm/F C Dsus4
G Dm/F Bb
G D Em Em7

At a pious aceticistic pace
Traditions from every nation filled the place
And I saw the sacred cow bloated and bleeding
On the altar with the drain dripping down
So I was surrounded by the holy robed ones
I states of dress and undress
None of them were wearing shoes
Some had paint on their faces
Some had stick going through their skin
And when they sang and prayed to the decesed cow
I raged against the proceedings
I tore down the graven images
The sigil banners and the statuettes
I wrote atheist graffiti on the walls
They paid me absolutely no attention
And when I awoke I felt I had been to a real place
Track Name: dream and the damned and the dram
I lived in a city I called the Pittsburgh of my dreams
Not the real one mind you, the one where nothing is as it seems
Like a Beatles song from a Lucy in sky dream
The straw in the brother's eye, and my own rafter beams

I was dreaming of the dream within the woman's dream
The holy beauty of her unfastened seams
The subjects of the matriarch of hearts, the beheading queen
A gaping bleed, the axe head cleaned and unclean

I was a approaching the bloody messy scene
The house of the wicked undetected fiend
A little kelp caught in the baleen
The dragnet entrapment and lessons we could glean

The angels in the pillow mountain cloud nine
The vehicle modified to turn on a dime
The cartridge and the trigger and the magazine
The cream of the cream, the waking life and dream
Track Name: tight eyes
oh my god i did it again
secret meaning just between friends
a curve in the road and a hiway bend
a lifecourse phase comes to an end

another one begins for the ugly duckling
and this emerging swan can't help but sing
but happy songs aren't interesting things
why did i always need to be so interesting?

a comrade, a sister, a lover, a friend
a swollen beating mound of flesh distends
the colors of two lives smudging do blend
the benefits to all we'd like to extend

a serpant, an Eve and a Halloween curse
the wounds sewn up by the occultist nurse
someone with which to simply converse
a role in a play that i'd like to rehearse

a dream that escapes but impresses on me
a feeling i feel when i feel like i'm free
the freedom escapes but a glimpse i did see
what it means when i'm not only wrapped up in me
Track Name: halejage
i was a winner on the somnolent field
the football madness the juggling jester revealed
the hounds and the wounds and the festering unhealed
to me it means a great deal

i saw all the approaching things
beasts of the field with talons, claws, teeth and wings
i thought little of the spiky reverse
pressed rat, warthog, hedgehog, voodou curse

i was the butt of some esoteric jest
never did feel like all the rest
always tried and did try my best
can't help but crush the pestering pests

i was swinging from a sacred yage vine
with song, with sex, with smoke, with wine
the mix i couldn't bring myself to combine
was an amalgam of experience and time
Track Name: yanother 4th
another life
another song
another clue
to recify the wrongs

another wish
another wing
another handle
to hold on and sing

the garden of the victory
was a small glory in the city
the other side of the line
doesn't how goddamn fine

another wood
another flesh
another food
to welcome the guests

another surf
another breeze
come set a spell
put your mind at ease

i'm going to infuse you now
with the holy spirit hindu cow
i'm going to give you a second chance
it's not my revolution if I can't dance

the sorry plane of the wicked story
a beard in bloom the morning glory
a saddest sacred sorcery
it takes the people to endorce me

a writer eating horse meat
the boiler is the sorce heat

a difficulty crying
the wilted and the dying
the god that did forbid
the defiant one that did

the blessing and the curse
the salt of the earth

the holy sacred spell
the smoke and incese smell
the coin and the herb purse
we're ordered to disperse

we tear gas cloud defy
the push back we deny

the curfew the apartheid
the imperialist genocide
the demon of the glimpse
the glimpse of demon smell

i've smelled it ever since
i approached the 4th circle of hell