Hip Hopes Hype

by MJ and the Shocking

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released July 29, 2016




MJ and the Shocking Rochester, New York


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Track Name: history
i'm watching history unfold on my tv
the revolution was not televised
history is a mystery
not much left, but dog please visit me

you can see it in my eyes
i'm not surprised
i've got the fire inside
this i can't hide

i have troubles with authorities
you want more and more and more of me
i'm leaning left pushing against the right
this is our own midnight

it's a self destructive path
a revolutionary suicide
having lost a family
i gained the family of humanity

i spite my finger that stumbles me
hope it withers away so it won't frighten me
it gave me trouble so i cut it off
can i actually borrow your saw
Track Name: Oliver
Oliver Reginald Archibald Mathias Twist
Well at least you get the gist
Give and inch and take a mile
The beast I both love and revile

You small furry sack of bones
I'm glad you're Greystone-Jones
You eat out of your bowl
Just don't lose control

You there in a lump on the floor
Laying right next to the outside door
Whistling like a midnight train
I hope it doesn't rain

Outside the mud and your relief
The indescression is beyond belief
Now I've made for you a song
Now you can sing along
Track Name: AWOL
You've got a lot to learn
You've got a lot of nerve
We were friends
Now it's the end
End of the world
Put the swine over the pearls
Every boy and girl
Swallow entire worlds
Jolly green giant squid
Let's not keep, just get rid
The acquiescence and the deference
Doesn't make a difference
They'll still kick your ass
Even though it's theirs, you're of the wrong class
You're not a boss
You've taken a loss
Your income went down
You find work as a clown
As a miserable abomination
Mistrel for Obama's Nation
In proper rank and station
A pioneer of aviation
A Nazi of the fecal persuasion
A dream dried up like a raisin
Pregnant with insane cravings
Rantings and ravings
Track Name: long march
I have my fever and I drop my jaw
The spin, the needle and the direct sign
In a moment an opportunity I saw
I have to claim what's rightfully mine

What's mine has never been mine
Exploited by the bourgeois master
I don't even own my own mind
To a gulag hell will go the bastards

A revolution and a revolutionary furver
Indominable spirit of the masses
Pushing history further and further
To make history is to throw oppressors on their asses

From a gun, the barrel specifically comes the power
To withold our labor is the beginning of the trail
Through a long march and firey shower
This is what the struggle does entail

A definition of that undefined
A link in the chain of command
The disctinction of that unrefined
The unreasonable, impossible demands

We won't rest until we've won
Dare to struggle, dare to win
Political power and the barrel of the gun
To fight for oneself is never a sin
Track Name: dues payments
i was broken before i was born
i was wraught in a riggle of sintangle
i was the pentangle, the sin and the id
i was a lowley goat never the lamb's kid

i once was a caterpillary butterfly
a butterfly with bullet fly wings
it's so hard to the past describe
the petty, confounding, confusing things

i'm a man, not a boy but a lie
buy the ticket take the ride
don't take to long to decide
you won't be having pie in the sky when you die

i'm earthy and worldly and down to earth
i'm the son to which the world gave birth
through the word and the son of man
i take my hand and i take a stand

to stand up for one's own vice
it's not always or ever going to be nice
to fly in the face fly in the face
i'm not alive but i've taken your place
Track Name: red and blue
only others and myself knows
what i know when i blow my nose
only those who've had the dro
and the wrath of the po po
only the stong can be the meek
compassion does not make you weak
the love for the people does glow and shine
it's not so much i, me, mine

we can do it another way
it could be tomorrow or even today
it has to include they day today
when the pious and the gay can equally pray

you may make me out to be in a dream
but there are others who dream the same
things are not the way they seem
you can open your eyes and join our scheme
we don't oppress and we definitely don't bite
we're for rights over might
we're for destruction of the old ways
they've already seen better days

a grand old system built anew
it's not just for me but for me and you
if your heart is pure and your intention true
become crimson red, no longer sad and blue